Step 5 ~ Current

Everyday … every moment new thoughts, information, needs … stuff enters into your life.  You must master the art of staying current if you are to win the game.

Here are the rules you’ve got to follow to stay current.

Rules For Staying Current:

  • Use a tool to keep track of what you need to do and where you need to be, that you are comfortable with.  This is your external hard drive … your "External Brain."  It’s how you keep your mind uncluttered with stuff and how you can be at peace knowing that you’re not missing anything important.
  • Have the ability to capture thoughts anywhere and everywhere.  You can use a notebook, a digital recorder, 3×5 cards, iPhone, etc.  Then make sure those thoughts get transferred to your "External Brain."
  • Always process new things by asking the question, “Is there something I need to do with this?” and "Can I do it in less than 2 minutes?"  Then take the appropriate action (throw it away, file it, do it, make it a project, delegate it, put it on a "some day" list)
  • Make sure your “In-Box” is cleared out on a regular basis (i.e. daily or weekly)  Remember, your in-box is where ever you collect unprocessed stuff.
  • Have a regular time each week when you get "caught up."  You will not stay on top of everything everyday.  That’s okay.  Set aside a weekly appointment with yourself to process all the stuff that’s begun to build up.