Step 4 ~ Create

You’ve Done It!

You have successfully gained control of both your physical and mental environments and are now prepared to create your own system of how to stay current and stay in control.

You will always have new things coming into your world.  What you need is a simple system that you trust and will use to process everything that gets your attention.

My training allows you the freedom to know that every important thing in your life will be taken care of.  It will also give you the confidence to deal with any of life’s “interruptions” or surprises.  The result will be reduced stress and more productivity.  You will have the freedom to be completely engaged in whatever you are doing at the moment without being concerned that you are forgetting something important.

How To Create Your System

You will use whatever “tools” you already use!

If you use your iphone to keep a “to-do” list and your calendar, then use your iphone, if you use a notebook, then continue to use that.  What you use doesn’t matter.

The key is that you must trust whatever you use to stay in control of your world.  If you trust it, you’ll use it … If you use it, you’ll be successful!

So if you love technology, use it … If you’re more comfortable with pen and paper, use that.  The key to a great system is making it easy for you to use.