Step 1 ~ Clarity

We’ve all got a million things competing for our attention.  Often we’re conflicted inside because we know we need to do what we’re doing, but something still just doesn’t feel right.

We’re expending massive amounts of mental energy trying to remember everything we need to do, trying to make sure responsibilities don’t get overlooked, and trying to keep important relationships intact.

In fact we often feel guilty when we take some much needed “me time.”  We’re stressed about money, work, kids, parents, lack of time … the list goes on.

In my powerful training I will walk you through a simple 5 step process.  This process will teach you how to create your own system for managing all of the mental and physical stuff of your life.  I will not teach you a system because there is no single system that can possibly apply to each unique person and personality.  Rather, I will teach you a systematic approach to managing your life.

The 5 Simple Steps To Successful Life Management Are:
Step 1 – Clarity
Step 2 – Collecting
Step 3 – Control
Step 4 – Create
Step 5 – Current

My training will show you how to easily manage your life so that you always know that what your currently doing is the absolute best use of your time right now.  Your stress level will go down because you will have the peace of mind of knowing that nothing is being forgotten.

My training will allow you to be more innovative.  Applying these principles will let your mind work creatively as it’s meant to, rather than as a storage device.

Step 1 – Clarity

The ultimate goal is for you to be completely engaged in whatever you’re doing without distraction.



In this overview video you will learn what it takes to get organized and become more productive with less stress.

The 5 keys to success in my system are:

1.    Thinking – Why is it important to you that you get more organized, become more productitve and reduce your stress?  What value will that bring to your life?
This is essential because when you have clarity on why you need to do this, that will give you the power to keep you on your path of success!

2.    Time – You’ll need to set aside enough time to complete the first 3 steps (Collect – Process – Organize).  The amount of time you’ll need depends on how big your mess is.  At minimum you will need a full working day … if you’re like me you’ll need a long weekend!

3.    Tools – You’ll want to have a few basic things handy during the first 3 steps.  Among the things that most people need are:
•    Trash can
•    A large “in box”
•    Paper or 3×5 cards
•    File folders
•    Label maker
•    Stapler
•    Pen or pencil
•    calendar
•    notepad

4.    Tenacity – during the first 3 steps you’ll be tempted to get off focus.  Don’t allow yourself to be distracted in this process.  Be confident that every important thing you need to do will get done!

5.    Temperament – The last step is to stay current.  You will need to have the mindset that this is a systematic approach to gaining control of your life, not a one-size-fits-all system.  You’re ongoing task will be to continually tweek your system to make it one that is simple for you to use.