Doing What’s Important

Everyone is more effective when we manage our time better, and everyone can manage their time better. Better time management is not about getting everything done.  It’s not even about doing more, or getting more done.  At the heart of time management is knowing what is important and getting those things done. So the key […]

7 Steps To Get Out Of And Stay Out Of Trouble

These principles are from Proverbs 6: 1-14 1. Humbly and urgently implore your creditor for a solution (v.3) Realize that you’re not holding the cards.  You’ve gotten into this mess and you need your creditor’s benevolence. 2. Make it your priority (v.4) Prove to your creditor with both your time and money that getting out […]

7 Productive Things To Do When You’re Brain-Dead

Everyone has those times when our brains are overstuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey.  Sometimes it’s the amount of plates you’re juggling, other times it’s because of stressful life events.  Regardless of the reason, from time to time we all want to just get away, crawl under a rock and hide or take a nap to […]