7 Productive Things To Do When You’re Brain-Dead

Everyone has those times when our brains are overstuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey.  Sometimes it’s the amount of plates you’re juggling, other times it’s because of stressful life events.  Regardless of the reason, from time to time we all want to just get away, crawl under a rock and hide or take a nap to escape the stress.

During those times we tend to waste precious opportunities to both be productive and re-charge your batteries.  When you do even one of these 7 Brain-Dead activities you will find yourself feeling better about yourself, more confident and productive!  Ready?  Here they are (in no particular order):

1.    Pray – take the time to deepen your relationship with God
2.    Exercise – something as simple as a 20 minute walk will begin to clear your head making room for new and creative thoughts
3.    Clean Something – your desk, a neglected drawer, your purse … it will make you feel like accomplished something and will remove one more of the sub-conscious nagging “to do” items
4.    File Paperwork – most of us have stacks of papers that need to be filed that we’ve been putting off, this too will quite the voice of the sub-conscious nagger
5.    Network – take 15 -20 minutes and have a face to face discussion with someone, find out what’s important in his/her life
6.    Dream – begin a plan to make something on your “someday” list a reality … if you don’t have a “someday” list, make one
7.    Read – get caught up on the reading you’ve been putting off

Often when you feel least like being productive you can accomplish something small that will give you confidence and clarity again.  Any one of these things will refresh you and bring you back to a place of focus.


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